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Welcome to the Bodylinez online fitness experience!

Reach and exceed your individual fitness goals and improve your overall quality of life with the comprehensive Bodylinez online fitness platform. Unlike cookie-cutter online fitness options, we personally design a training program individualized to your goals, limitations and needs.

Convenient access from your phone, tablet or computer.

To register for the Bodylinez online training experience, please click here to sign up. You will receive instructions on how to create your membership and get started with a new way of fitness.

Unlimited 24/7 access to customized workouts to guide you toward your personal goals.

Select workouts prepared by your personal trainer.

Off-day workouts you can do on days when you don’t see your personal trainer.

3D workout routines. Your workouts provide 3D portrayals of people performing your actual prescribed exercise routine. Simply follow along at your convenience.

Competition challenges to reach another level of motivation. Harness your competitive spirit by seeing how you compare to other members.

Personalized nutrition guide. Learn how to nourish your body in a healthy way that supports your fitness goals.

Daily nutrition intake input. Instantly monitor how your diet compares to your macronutrient recommendations.

Body measurement tracking. Track changes in your body measurements.

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