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Proper nutrition is key to achieving the body and fitness goals you desire. Each new client begins with a review of fitness and medical records, dietary analysis and overall health and body fat assessment. From there, Bodylinez utilizes a database of more than 2 million options to design a nutrition plan just for you.

Your personalized program is posted on your private online portal so you can easily consult, track, and monitor your plan and your results.

Nutrition assessment and analysis

Individualized nutrition programs

Private, online portals with access to programs & nutrition input

Nutrition tracking

Ongoing encouragement


10 commandments for lean Bodylinez

1. Eat a healthy breakfast.

A high-protein, healthy-carbohydrate breakfast will help keep you full longer and set your metabolic pace for the day.

2. Never eat carbs by themselves.

Always include some form of protein with each meal or snack.

3. Don't eat carbs before bedtime.

Carbs eaten less than three hours before sleep can cause an overnight buildup of body fat.

4. Hydrate.

Water is essential for promoting satiety and maintaining metabolism.

5. Limit saturated fat.

Opt for poultry and fish when possible, and choose other monounsaturated and polyunsaturated choices such as nuts, olive oil, avocados and fish.

6. Supplement with protein powders.

They provide an easy and healthy way to meet protein and caloric requirements throughout the day.

7. Increase your training frequency.

Five or six sessions per week will result in greater cumulative metabolic effect.

8. Halve high-calorie carb portions.

These would include potatoes, rice, and pasta. Mix them with low-calorie veggies.

9. Post a recent photo of yourself.

Place it in your home or work to serve as a gauge for your progress and to keep you motivated.

10. Allow one dine out meal per week.

Use this as a reward for your progress. Doing so won't wreck your waistline


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