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Kathryn A

I have worked out on my own for years and have fought with weight issues my entire life. I’ve tried every diet on the market, as well as personal trainers at my local clubs, and found no answer to making progress.

After running into an old friend I had taken fitness classes with years ago, I barely recognized her. She looked incredible! So the first thing I had to ask was what she had done to make such a transformation. She told me about Bodylinez and the type of fitness program she started.

After listening to the excitement in her voice and seeing the changes, not only in her physical appearance but her overall attitude, I asked how to contact Bodylinez. I couldn’t wait to call.

I was greeted by Terry at the other end of the line. After answering my questions, and asking a few of his own, Terry explained in great detail a recommended plan of attack that would best suit my goals. I was sold.

The first time I met in person with Terry was for a free consultation. He wanted to talk and go over in great detail exactly what I wanted to accomplish. After meeting with him, I felt very comfortable and had a sense of hope like never before. I decided to train with Terry twice a week and follow the Bodyline online Fitness Experience for the rest of my week.

Terry’s training style is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. He motivates and encourages me, explaining everything through each and every workout. And with his online program, I can access my workouts and food information right from my phone. The workouts show a 3D person actually performing each and every exercise he designed for me from start to finish. And the nutrition program is just what I needed.

And if that’s not enough, Terry also developed his own line of protein that is incredible. It has become a part of not only my, by also my family’s daily nutrition habits.

After only 3 months, I am well on my way to what Terry calls, “the forever me.” I am down 30 pounds, lost 8% of my body fat, and am four clothing sizes smaller. And I am just getting started.

Thank you Bodylinez and Terry!


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