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Meet your Personal Trainer
Terrence G. Bowser

NAHF Certified Personal Trainer, Cardiovascular Instructor, Medical Exercise Therapist,
AMFPT Sports Nutritionist Certification. Nike SPARQ Sport Specific Training, TRX Certified.

My lifelong interest in good health, fitness and nutrition led to my career decision to pursue in personal training. My passion is to work with people and show them the benefits of a healthier way of life. My focus is on the client and helping them achieve their goals.

Through proper goal setting and motivation, exercise and proper nutrition will become a way of life rather than a burden. As your personal trainer and coach, I will assist in keeping your motivation level high without sacrificing safety. Together, we will make the journey to achieving your fitness goals while improving your overall quality of life.

After becoming certified in personal training, cardiovascular instruction, and exercise therapy, I sought additional training in sports nutrition. This added a new dimension to my training and subsequently to my success in helping others achieve their weight loss and toning goals.

Since every individual is different, no training or nutritional plan is the same. We will discuss your goals and set realistic targets to work towards. Our time together will be uniquely tailored to meet your needs in order to help you attain your personal goals and reach your fullest potential.
I look forward to the opportunity to work with you,

About Us

Bodylinez Fitness provides superior fitness and nutrition services to clients of all ages and abilities. Our focus in on the individual and helping them achieve their unique fitness goals. We also formulate and sell our exclusive Bodylinez Definition 100% Whey Protein Isolate that enhances the benefits of training and nutrition.

We are passionate about showing our clients the most complete and effective way to train therefore living a more productive and healthy lifestyle. Together, we will take the journey to reach and exceed each client’s individual fitness goals while improving their overall quality of life.

PersonalTraining Packages

Choose the program that fits your needs!

Fit Basic


$45 per session

Let's get started! Looking for something to kick-start your fitness program? Or just need that weekly motivation and the opportunity to learn new techniques you can use in your own workout? Then this is the package for you!

Four half-hour personal training sessions

Plus fitness assessment and nutrition consultation

Fit Express


$40 per session

If you're like many people, lack of time is one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to sticking to an exercise schedule. That's why our Bodylinez Fit Express package appeals to busy people like you, whether you're a mom, college student, corporate executive, or someone who always seems to have more to-do items than hours of the day. Our Express package is a highly intense 30-minute workout geared towards fast results on a limited time schedule.

Eight half-hour personal training sessions

Plus fitness assessment and nutrition consultation

Fit Accelerated


$35 per session

Oh, you're ready now! This accelerated workout program will have you fit and fabulous in no time.

Twelve half-hour personal training sessions

Plus fitness assessment and nutrition consultation

Fit Teen and Student Athlete


$35 per session

It's never too soon to keep your body healthy and in shape. This program is designed specifically for growing children, teens, and student athletes to help improve their overall fitness level (which, in turn, improves so much more!).

Twelve half-hour personal training sessions

Plus fitness assessment and nutrition consultation

Fit Maintenance


$50 per session

You've worked hard to get that rockin' body. Let's make sure you keep it. Once you have achieved your goals and are Bodylinez Fit, this program is designed to keep you motivated and flab-free!

Two half-hour personal training sessions


10 commandments for lean Bodylinez

1. Eat a healthy breakfast.

A high-protein, healthy-carbohydrate breakfast will help keep you full longer and set your metabolic pace for the day.

2. Never eat carbs by themselves.

Always include some form of protein with each meal or snack.

3. Don't eat carbs before bedtime.

Carbs eaten less than three hours before sleep can cause an overnight buildup of body fat.

4. Hydrate.

Water is essential for promoting satiety and maintaining metabolism.

5. Limit saturated fat.

Opt for poultry and fish when possible, and choose other monounsaturated and polyunsaturated choices such as nuts, olive oil, avocados and fish.

6. Supplement with protein powders.

They provide an easy and healthy way to meet protein and caloric requirements throughout the day.

7. Increase your training frequency.

Five or six sessions per week will result in greater cumulative metabolic effect.

8. Halve high-calorie carb portions.

These would include potatoes, rice, and pasta. Mix them with low-calorie veggies.

9. Post a recent photo of yourself.

Place it in your home or work to serve as a gauge for your progress and to keep you motivated.

10. Allow one dine out meal per week.

Use this as a reward for your progress. Doing so won't wreck your waistline

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