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Why is a personal trainer important?

You know you want to want to be healthy, but may not know how to get started or what exercises or nutritional program to follow. Or sometimes you just need that little bit of outside motivation to get—and keep—you moving. At Bodylinez we truly care about our clients: their well being and their success in reaching their goals. We’re truly compassionate about the struggles our clients are trying to overcome, whether that is ongoing weight loss, fitness, aging, or recovery from an illness or injury. It’s this caring that keeps our clients coming back.

How do I get started with Bodylinez?

Just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have, and can schedule you for a complimentary first-time assessment visit. Once you’ve decided to join us, we’ll design an individualized fitness and nutrition program just for you, schedule your workout appointments and get started.

How do I schedule my workouts?

Once we have defined your fitness and nutrition package, you can set a regular schedule or schedule your own appointments on our convenient online calendar.

How does Bodylinez pricing compare to other personal training programs?

We find that we are significantly less expensive than other personal trainers because we don’t carry the overhead they do.

What if I love working with Terry, but have to leave the area?

No worries! You can get the same workout with our online fitness training. If you will be returning, simply call us to get back on our personal training schedule.

What is a Bodylinez workout like?

As your personal coach, I’m going to make you work. Otherwise you won’t see the benefits you’re paying to get. We use music and a welcoming atmosphere to creatively get you to work out without even knowing how hard you’re working. You’ll probably see a little of everything: stretching, weights, yoga, machines, and floor exercises, as well as other options as needed.

Each program is tailored to the individual, taking into account your current fitness level, motivation, and personal goals. We want to offer something that’s fresh and different—a workout you won’t find anywhere else.

What ages are appropriate for personal training?

Bodylinez Fitness and Nutrition works with women, men and children of all ages from pre-teen to seniors, and everything in between. You’re never too old or too young to enjoy good health.

Can I move from package to package?

Yes. We want you to work out in the best way that fits your needs and accommodates your schedule. Just let us know if you want to change packages.

What if I decide to stop working out with Terry?

You have several options. We work on a month-to-month basis, so you are not locked into long-term contracts. If you can no longer make it to personal appointments but want to continue with your fitness training, you can sign up for our online fitness experience and still benefit from our services at your own convenience.

How does an online fitness program work?

Bodylinez worked hard to create a fitness program that closely reproduces the training you’d receive in person. Your prescribed routines and exercises are available online for access any time of the day or night. You set your workout schedule at your convenience. Your routines are shown using 3D portrayals of people actually performing your routines. All you have to do is follow along.


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