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Burton T

I’m 92 and live independently on a fixed income. Let me tell you my experience.

At age 90 I walked hesitantly, and was hunched over and tired most of the time. I paused often and breathed heavily while carrying a gallon of milk up the stairs. I knew I needed to exercise but did not even have the stamina to walk. A friend pushed me to “get a personal trainer.”

I called Terry at Bodylinez, who asked me what my goals were and what I hoped to accomplish. I told him wanted to build stamina in walking, improve overall strength and balance, and get rid of excess body fat. Then, after discuss my eating, sleeping and exercise habits, health issues and injuries, Terry designed a training program for me.

After three months of personal training, I was walking upright with energy to spare, and had no problem carrying that milk. Each workout with Terry is invigorating! Now I work out to maintain and extend my goals. Physically I feel like I’m pushing 60 instead of 93.


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