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Bodylinez Future of Fitness is a privately operated non-profit that was founded in 2017 and provides physical fitness, rehabilitation, and nutritional assistance to children, adults, and seniors in need. Our mission is to reach those individuals who wish to improve their quality of life but do not have the resources to access professional help in these areas.

With over 20 years of experience and helping countless individuals, Bodylinez has decided to give back and offer our services and attention to those in need. With the obesity rate now topping 45% in America it is more important than ever to reach out and make a difference. Bodylinez Future of Fitness is making a difference by offering proper exercise instruction on a one-on-one basis, group setting, and through our completely interactive online platform accessible through our app. We also specialize in pre and post-rehabilitation to aid in the recovery of injury as well as nutrition counseling to build a strong foundation within the body.

Bodylinez Future of Fitness wants to see that no one is ever turned away from health and fitness due to financial reasons and with your help, we will make sure no one ever is. Bodylinez Future of Fitness and all those whose lives we are able to make a difference in thank you for your help.

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