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Becky H

My journey began on April 1, 2016 when I first met with Terry Bowser. I weighed 191.7 pounds and had a recent health scare that work me up to the fact that I needed to lose the weight I’d been struggling with gaining and losing my entire adult life.

Terry was confident. “We got this,” he said. But I wasn’t as sure, as I had dieted before and the weight has always come back. The difference this time was that I was not dieting. I was building muscle.

“You have to feed the machine,” was Terry’s concept that took me months to get my head around. What you eat is a critical part of the journey, and somewhere along the way, that finally clicked in. Other than walking on a treadmill, I had never worked out in a gym before. So here I go at age 52.

We all have personal reasons why we walk into the gym that first day. I believe it’s important to remember WHY you started. Our motivation is usually deeper than wanting to look good or to wear smaller clothing sizes. For me, I was worried about my health, so I did it for my family—my 13-year-old son and my husband.

Now, I go for me, and am disappointed when life and work get in the way and I have to skip a workout. But life happens, and Terry has taught me that life is marathon, not a sprint.

I made it to my first goal of losing 60 pounds in just over 30 weeks, weighing in today, November 12, 2016 at 131.6 pounds. Some weeks/months were harder than others, but I didn’t give up. I can now look forward to living life like I had not been able to do before. I’m even climbing mountains!

I want to thank Terry for his patience, enthusiasm and confidence, especially when I didn’t have much of my own. I also want to thank my partner in crime—my sister-in-law Karen—and everyone at Bodylinez and in my Synergy class who told me I could do it. My journey continues.


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