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Read how others just like you have achieved the weight-loss and fitness goals they desired through Bodylinez.

Laura W

Terry, Both Dan and I feel so fortunate to be working with you. The workouts on Saturday alone are incredible and the weekly plan is super helpful. On top of that, your level of understanding of physiology and how one can use exercise to both prevent and ameliorate injury is something I’ve never run into. I …

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Kathryn A

I have worked out on my own for years and have fought with weight issues my entire life. I’ve tried every diet on the market, as well as personal trainers at my local clubs, and found no answer to making progress. After running into an old friend I had taken fitness classes with years ago, …

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Becky H

My journey began on April 1, 2016 when I first met with Terry Bowser. I weighed 191.7 pounds and had a recent health scare that work me up to the fact that I needed to lose the weight I’d been struggling with gaining and losing my entire adult life. Terry was confident. “We got this,” …

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Burton T

I’m 92 and live independently on a fixed income. Let me tell you my experience. At age 90 I walked hesitantly, and was hunched over and tired most of the time. I paused often and breathed heavily while carrying a gallon of milk up the stairs. I knew I needed to exercise but did not …

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