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About Bodylinez

Bodylinez provides superior fitness and nutrition services to clients of all ages and abilities, focusing on the individual to help them achieve their unique fitness goals that may include weight loss, strength training, injury rehabilitation, balance, and flexibility.

Just as each person is unique, our training and nutrition plans are tailored to the individual with the utmost priority on safety. Prior to beginning our workouts, we meet with each client to discuss your fitness goals and medical history, then set realistic and honest targets to work towards. Our time together is uniquely structured to meet your needs so that you can attain your personal goals and reach your fullest potential.

Bodylinez offers personal training in its 1,200-square-foot private training studio, fully equipped with cutting-edge, functional equipment and a changing area with full bath. Online personal training and nutrition services are also available.

In addition, Bodylinez formulates and sells our exclusive Bodylinez Definition 100% Whey Protein Isolate that enhances the benefits of training and good nutrition.

We are passionate about showing our clients the most complete and effective way to train and eat so they can live more productive and healthy lifestyles while improving their overall quality of life.

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